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Get Sustainable Results The Right Way

No matter your fitness level or experience!

No More Guesswork

No more guessing what exercises to do or foods to eat to get results. You'll get predictable results at Thurston Personal Training Phoenix working with your world-class trainer to build a health and fitness plan uniquely designed for your lifestyle, preferences and goals.

Stop The Struggle

Stop feeling stuck, miserable and frustrated not getting results with other incomplete generic programs. At Thurston Personal Training Phoenix we know what works and with your sustainable plan you'll still be able to eat foods you enjoy, have a social life while conquering fun workouts that energize you and make your life better. We help when others can't.

Easily Stick With It

Motivation is great while you have it but it doesn't last. If you're tired of making and breaking promises to yourself then commit to a lasting change at Thurston Personal Training Phoenix. We'll teach you the mindset, psychology and habits to make yourself do it even when motivation runs out. Our Expert accountability, support and tracking will guarantee you stick with it long enough to get results and make it a lifestyle.

Take The Next Step With Our Transformation Program

Become one of the 1,642 men and women changed in Phoenix AZ

We can save you time and injury learning things the hard way. The crash diets... followed by the binge eating. Endless hours of cardio that doesn't do anything to keep the fat off. Half-measures won't get you permanent results. Our certified personal trainers are proud to help men and women in phoenix achieve their goals the right way.

Click the button, fill out the form, and you'll be contacted by a Transformation Coach to schedule your FREE Result Strategy Session and Assessment.

No More Gimmicks. Unlock REAL Consistency, Willpower, & Solve The BIG Reason You Haven't Been Able To Lose The Weight On Your Own...

Why It Will Work For You

And yes, it really does work. Our program transforms every aspect of your health, fitness and longevity. It includes the following:

Follow a plan that gets results and fits your life

We start learning your needs and goals. Then develop a plan for nutrition, fitness and better health— in a way that works for your life. The best personal training for all ages, men and women across phoenix!

Daily Accountability & Result Tracking

Your trainer will remove the guesswork and give you the accountability, result tracking and support every step of the way. They'll adjust the plan based on the results you are getting.

Highly-Personal Coaching

With Thurston Personal Training you're part of the family, and we take that seriously. Our secret to our clients success is building personal relationships because we care about you and your goals as much as you do.

Customized Exercises

Your exercises program will consist of strength, cardio and mobility to create a body designed to last. Starting with where you are at and progressing as your body adapts while working around any injuries.

100% Unique Meal Plans

Ditch the one size-fits-all approach that doesn't fit anyone. Everyone is unique and so is your meal plan. We start by working with the foods you like and working around the foods you don't.

Guaranteed Results

We're truly confident in what we do. That's why we know you'll feel better and stronger in 30 days. By working with our certified personal trainer, you'll reach your goals within the timeframe we quote you.


Get the expert-designed, personalized fitness and nutrition plan you've always needed

After we talk about your goals and assess your needs. We'll create a plan designed to get results and customized it to your preferences and lifestyle.


Transform your body while eating foods you love, safe workouts, and enjoy life on your terms.

Get the the body you want and keep it with your sustainable plan that tills your life with energy, strength and confidence. We believe that being healthy, fit and strong can be fun and easy with the right plan for your life.

Work With The Best In Phoenix AZ

Our result oriented coaching team is made up of the world-class personal trainers, strength coaches and nutritionists. Combine that with our proven-system created by Seth Thurston and you're guaranteed to reach your goal!


Seth Thurston, Master Personal Trainer & Founder

"Hi, I am Seth Thurston, Master personal trainer at Thurston Personal Training Studio in Phoenix, AZ. I've devoted my entire career to making achieving your health & fitness goals attainable for every type of person, body type and busy schedule.

Over 1,642 clients in Phoenix, AZ have reached their goals using my system and now I want to help you!

With my proven muscle building and fat loss methods, coaching, support and accountability... you'll have all the support and tools you need from a personal fitness trainer in Phoenix, AZ.

You just have to be ready to commit and take action on the things I teach and prescribe for you to do.

It's that easy, you just have to make up your mind that right now, It is your time!

The best part about this program is how affordable it is for you to test-drive the program, and to show you that this is the right place to help you succeed!

Like many of others..."

What Our Clients Say

Here are just a few of the over 1,672 clients who've experienced incredible transformations over the past 15+ years.

Stacy Lost 80lbs In 14 Months

"It's been life changing. He doesn't let you quit or give up and basically things you didn't think were possible because you've had a weight problem for 36 years, are now possible. For the first time in my life I'm not embarrassed to go shopping and put on a swim suit. If I can do it anyone can do it."

Craig Lost 105lbs In 8 Months

"I went from diabetic to no longer even being close to diabetic and the doctors were in shock about it. I never thought my transformation would be this fast. I can now play with my kids at the park all day long without losing energy."

Stacy Lost 30lbs In 12 Weeks

"Once I found TPT, I realized this was my home! I love all the trainers here... they push me, they motivate me, make me feel good about myself and I've had the best results at TPT!"

Tony Lost 46lbs In 4 Months

"I had a good weight loss, muscle building and bloodwork has improved 10 fold... The people here are serious, nice, focused on maximum performance and results... it really helps being around people like that."

Dheeraj Build His Physique

"I now have abs and all credit goes to TPT... they make sure they correct your form and take care of everything. I jumped from 0 pullups to 12 pullups, 0lb squats to 185lb squats all without any injury."

Jessica Did Her Bikini Competition

"The trainers are amazing, really personable, and everyone is like a big family!"

Getting started is easy as 3, 2, 1.. Go!

Our team is passionate, fun and serious about getting results and to prove it to you we're offering you a Free Intro Session so you can see if Thurston Personal Trainer in Phoenix, AZ is the right fit for you!

1. Schedule a Starting Point Session

Talk with one of our trainers about your goals and see how we can help you get there!

2. Start Your Program

At the end of your Starting Point Session, we'll prescribe a personalized recommendation that aligns with your goals, your timeline and your lifestyle.

3. Have Fun Crushing Your Goals

Combined our proven program with our world class trainers and you'll have a blast reaching your goals and easily keeping them!








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Got Questions? We've Got Answers

How Do I Join and Get Started?

Super simple! Just click get started anywhere on the page to book your free assessment and strategy starting point.

We will start by talking about where you are at now and your goal of where you want to be to see if we can help and if we are a good fit for you.

When Should I Expect To See Results?

When you start at Thurston Personal Training Phoenix, you'll feel more energy and strength in the first 30 days.

Results may vary, but the key to see results is consistency and commitment following your prescribed program.

Remember, you most likely didn't get into your current position overnight, and you won't get out of it overnight.

Our results first method is a process, and one with a remarkable track record. Our singular focus is to deliver life-changing results, world-class experience and a real return on investment for every client.

Can I Still Eat Good Food On This Meal Plan?

We create a plan for you that balances effective results, enjoying your life and simplicity. This basically means YES you can still enjoy delicious food, tasty recipes and your favorite restaurants while getting results at the same time. We understand you are busy with work dinners, traveling, social events and our goal is to enhance your life, not limit it.

If I Am Out Of Shape Can I Still Do The Program?

Yes! We customized your program based on your body type, fitness level and experience to develop a safe regimen and safely reach your goals in record time. As you progress we will challenge you to make sure you never plateau.

What sets Thurston Personal Training Phoenix Apart From Other Gyms Near Me?

We're the best—and most respected—private personal training, body transformation, and health company in North Phoenix and surrounding areas.

Our results speak for themselves—We cracked the code for fat loss, muscle building and optimal health. Trusted by high performers such as professional athletes, CEO's, business owners, and doctors. We're the experts that other experts come to for help.

We are locally owned and purpose built to make an impact on health, wellness and happiness.

How Many Days Per Week Do I Need To Workout?

After your assessment is when your trainer will recommend how often you need to workout. With our experience we've found the minimum effective dose is 2-3 days per week for 50 minutes each.

Our workouts are designed to deliver maximum results in minimum time and for most clients they actually spend less time working out than they did before.

How does TPT Program work?

The first step is to talk with one of our Transformation Coaches about your goals and if you are a good fit for our program. We can only accept 5 new clients per month so we want it to be a good fit. Then, you'll meet with us in person for your starting point consultation and assessment to determine your baseline and what you need to reach your goals. From there we'll recommend a customized plan based on your goals, preferences and lifestyle.

Our program is comprehensive—everything you need to reach your goals permanently and in a sustainable way. Fitness, Nutrition, Accountability, World Class Trainers, World Class Technology customized to your unique body.


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