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4 Tips to Break Your Plateau

break your plateau - Personal Training ArizonaHow To Break Your Plateau

Seth Thurston Fitness Expert

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Before you think to yourself “Typical Trainer Response!” keep reading!

Think of your fitness goal, business goal, work goals, relationship and continue reading…

I made this mistake recently with one of my huge goals.

I thought to myself I know what’s happening and could roughly tell you the details of what was going on the progress and decline that was happening. I could tell you what would need to happen to make a change (or I thought).

I was tracking things sure, enough to see a problem. It wasn’t until I MICRO tracked things until I it impacted me how much this mistake was costing me.

You bet I’m more motivated now than ever before to find a solution.

A major problem people have is they don’t track anything.

Here are four tips to help you identify a plateau, and continue making progress.

Tip #1 Micro track your progress to see progress or if it is stagnant

Tip #2 Write down YOUR goals.

Tip #3 Identify if current methods are working or not towards your goals

Tip #4 Make a new goal to change what you think is the 80% that will make a difference (80/20 rule)

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