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Body Symmetry, Balance and Nutrition: The Key to Fitness Success

Instead of getting yelled at in a CrossFit class or being limited by the rigid 60-minute OrangeTheory regimen, Thurston Personal Training offers a more comprehensive, holistic approach to improving your lifestyle to achieve customized results. Whether you are training for a specific sport or event, hoping to get a toned, shapely figure or you just want to increase your overall fitness and health, Thurston Training programs are designed to meet your goals and offer a balanced workout combined with a meal plan and nutrition tips for sustainable results.

Body Symmetry

Body symmetry is a principal component of aesthetic beauty, fitness, and physical health; there is a reason we shave on both sides, stretch both sides, and should sleep on both sides of our body. In fact, body symmetry has been linked to increased overall physical health and studies show that more symmetrical bodies register as more attractive in our brains.training women - Exercises for Body Symmetry

We’ve all gawked at that person doing long endurance cardio circuits around the gym or the wannabe Olympic weight lifters. While this might seem impressive, it isn’t actually going to give them a symmetrical, balanced body free of injury. We each have a dominant side, and long, endurance cardio exercises mean more work for that side, which ultimately leads to asymmetry in muscle tone, strength, shape and flexibility. Similarly, when doing extreme weight lifting, achieving total balance is difficult, so we tend to favor one side of our body. This gives us the same result of asymmetry in the muscles, tendons, bone strength, and ligaments, leading to less optimal physiological functioning. Thurston Training focuses on your body’s proportions and maintaining a symmetrical functioning and appearance of the body.


Simply doing cardio only burns fat and causes wear and tear on your body. Though burning fat sounds nice, doing it this way doesn’t lead to a sculpted, total body level of fitness. Daily full-body cardio also causes muscle loss and stress on the body because it overt-trains the muscles in use; all of that pounding on the knees, shins, and joints wears on a body. Raising the heart rate is great, but not when it is isolated. Without building muscle gradually and steadily, these workouts put too much stress on the body. CrossFit and OrangeTheory are cardio-heavy on a daily basis, which ultimately is not healthy for most bodies.

CrossFit and OrangeTheory employ dangerously fast pace workouts and encourage you to push yourself past your limits. This is like asking for an injury, especially if you are just beginning a new program. Thurston Training programs offer gradual and steady weight training, allowing you to build strength and endurance so you can challenge yourself at your own pace and avoid debilitating injury.

Fitness programs like the ones mentioned above often also come with large class sizes, sometimes with 30 or more people, which lack personalization and be intimidating. You don’t want to be doing someone else’s workout, you should be doing yours. Thurston Fitness programs offer classes of only 5-8 individuals, providing you with more personal attention and higher quality instruction from coaches.

Activities like endurance cardio and Olympic lifting not only make us prone to injury, these workouts lack the dynamic necessary to achieve changes in the whole body. People get into the habit of doing the same thing over and over again, and those people eventually stop seeing changes in their body. Mixing it up is the solution to staying motivated and seeing results. Weight lifting in a balanced, circuit-style program coupled with a customized meal plan will help you achieve proportional tone, strength, and total body fitness in a healthy way.


Additionally, exercise alone is not an efficient way to maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle. Customized nutrition and mealvegies - Nutrition and meal planning plans added to your workouts contribute to your overall wellness and fitness. Even the most “in shape” person would be foolish not to consider her diet and choose mindful eating. Without nourishing the body properly, it will not have the tools to repair itself, keep you energized, healthy, and at your best weight. Incorporate Seth Thurston’s meal and nutrition program into your health plan and you will be set for success.

A comparison of Thurston Personal Training programs to CrossFit and OrangeTheory highlights the benefits of a balanced workout coupled with nutrition:

Crossfit and OrangeTheory

  • Focus on cardio: works total body and legs every single day
  • Leaves little time for muscle recovery and repair which can lead to injury
  • Lacks body part specific exercises unique to your goals
  • Doesn’t allow you to develop body proportion and symmetry
  • Often involves overly intense trainers and large class sizes
  • Can be intimating and unhelpful for some
  • Lower quality coaching due to lack of personal attention
  • Involves rigid workout structures that may not work for you
  • Only focused on exercise, lacks a lifestyle model

Thurston Training Programs

  • Works muscle groups in a strategic, balanced way
  • Aids in avoiding injury
  • Helps you achieve a symmetrical, overall muscle tone
  • Tailored to fit your unique fitness goals
  • Offers first-class customer service with trainers that care about your goals (read testimonials here)  Personal Training Results
  • Custom fitness means better results, faster!
  • Includes personalized meal plan, nutrition tips, and personal support
  • Helps you make lifestyle changes so that results last a lifetime
  • Increases your overall well-being and health, not just fitness level
  • Helps you stay motivated and accountable

Don’t get stuck overworking yourself only to be so sore you never want to hit the gym again! Real results come with strategy, and Seth Thurston is here to help you achieve your results in a way that works for you- not just for now, but for a lifetime.

“When I’m not feeling the best I ask myself, ‘What are you going to do about it?’” –Beyoncé

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