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Competitive Edge Sports Tips – What Top Athletes Know

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Competitive Edge Sports Fitness TipsCompetitive Edge: Sports success and conditioning tips

Nutrition is one of the most important fundamentals of an athlete. Proper nutrition is required to give adequate energy to achieve top performance during games, training, recovery after workouts is essential to reach the desired goal. “Most athletes don’t know enough about nutrition or supplementation and because of this aren’t getting what they need to optimally progress and perform” says Sports Personal Trainer Seth Thurston.

Tip #1 Eat for your goal Many times athletes are trying to either “bulk up” to increase strength and mass, or lose body fat to be lighter and faster but do not change the way they eat. Don’t forget to calculate your training hours into the meal plan. For instance a football player who is practicing twice a day and lifting once must account for all that in his meal plan. Eating correctly will lead to greater mental and physical energy, and the ability to reduce injury, aches and pains.

Tip #2 Stay hydrated Dehydration is inadequate amount of fluid in the body. In general an athlete is considered dehydrated when they lose more then 2 percent of their body weight during exercise. When this happens the heart has to work harder to move blood through the bloodstreams and can cause muscle craps, dizziness, and heat stroke or exhaustion.

Tip #3 Train Specifically Train not only specifically for your sport, but for your position as well. Incorporate the different bio motor abilities from each exercise into your workout routines so that you are training the most efficiently for your sport. For example a football player who is a wide receiver must focus on speed, power, agility, coordination bio motor abilities. Every athlete needs all five bio motor abilities but has a different demands of relative importance. The five bio motor abilities are strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, coordination.

Competition is immense these days so the formula for success gets longer and longer. Losing athletes think they can do it on their own. Winning athletes have these traits in common.

1. Find the best coaches
2. Seek out best personal trainers
3. Ability to be humble and learn

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