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Building your physique is a science. Not only do you need to look a certain way for competitions you need to have the timing right so you meet the specific date. If you are shaping your body for modeling, beauty contest, bodybuilder, fitness, figure, physique, bikini the science is all the same but your equation and how we apply the science is different.

Which competition is for you?

BikiniBeauty Pageant & Bikini Competition

For this division you need to have a fit toned body, with not to much muscle definition. The tightness and curves is a
must but the competitors cannot have to much muscle showing and can actually get points marked off if they do.


Based on your body type, and frame you may have more of an advantage from one division to the other. I hope this
helps you decide which you may be interested in and that will give you the body you always wanted. When you are ready to make the commitment come to the fitness professionals at Thurston Personal Training in Phoenix.

Beauty Pageant

For this division you need to have a fit toned body, similar to Bikini just a little less muscular, to achieve a healthy but fit look.

This type of competition requires more then just your body fat percentage as you will be judged on poise, confidence, fashion, speech, talant and much more! For a 7 Day Jump Start Program for a Beauty Pageant.


If you don’t have the athletic abilities required for fitness then Physique is also a good choice. Little more muscle but still maintaining an athletic and strong feminine look.


This division is a combination of bodybuilding and an athlete. You must build size for symmetry, build function strength, and flexibility for the fitness routine. If you have a background in dance, gymnastics, or cheerleading then this would be a good pick for you. Being athletic and adding things like  agility, coordination, and balance into a fitness routine is a must.


This division was created for the women who has to much muscle to be competitive in figure or bikini, but does not want to gain amount of muscle needed for Women’s Bodybuilding. This combines grace, beauty, and muscle definition in the routines. This division is also available for men.

Professional Posing

Posing is both an art and a science. You are who you believe you are when in reality you might be something different. On stage you want to appear Professional Posingconfident and a winner but you have to believe you already won. When developing your routine you must use your natural physique to your advantage. Your posing routine must include character, emotion, and grace. You will win a competition on your ability to show off what you have built. You will be judged based on the concept of a “Total Package” which is balance of Size, Symmetry, and Muscularity. Your ability to show off your work in the most genetically advantageous way is crucial.

Competition Tanning

Part of the extensive pre-contest preparation required for your competition you don’t want to go to just anyone. The lights used for the stage illumination are very different from the light we use in our normal, every day lives. Your skin will look severely washed out under the lights if you’re not protected with a tan. It’s much easier for the judges to assess your physique and muscularity when you’re being compared to the other competitors on stage. Regular spray tan is not dark enough for body building you will be washed out on stage, some products created specifically for competition usage are Pro Tan, Dream Tan, and Jan Tan.

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