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Brides (and grooms) are looking for a better way to get in shape for that walk down the aisle. The “Workout for your Wedding Program” is custom-tailored to get you looking and feeling GREAT on your Wedding Day! With our workout plans you’ll have exercises that are actually fun!

Wedding Body MakeoverOur wedding workout plan provides the accountability that is necessary for getting into shape for that special day. We know you want to look stunning and were here to help. We’re committed to getting you a picture perfect walk down the aisle. A fit and confident you will be captured when cameras are flashing, but you will be able to see the results long after the wedding day is over. Our customized programs are designed based on your individual needs and goals. You deserve to look and feel great and we are here to help you through high performance coaching. Working with a personal trainer who understands what you are going through will serve to keep you on track. A highly motivated team of experts are passionate and committed to your wedding day transformation!

BRIDES, this is your day to Shine! A Thurston Fitness Personal Trainer will give you one-on-one attention. We understand that as a bride-to-be you probably have very little time to spare. Our Wedding Workout Program is a time-efficient, affordable program that will REALLY get you looking great. While participating in the workout for your wedding program you will be taking an important step toward living happily ever after. For many Brides the dress usually the primary motivator when contemplating a workout program.

Toned arms are a must if you have a strapless or sleeveless gown. Weight training is the way to go for sculpting SHAPELY shoulders.

Every bride wants to feel beautiful and and we’ll help you look and feel fit to walk down the aisle!

Don’t forget about the GROOM!

We offer a couples training package that’s sure to get you in the mood. Check out that hot couple in those Honeymoon pictures! Start your wedding off right with couples training.

Group Training

You’re not celebrating your wedding alone, so why get in shape alone? We will get you and your bridesmaids in shape while having a GREAT time! We can train the whole wedding party in group training sessions if you like!

THURSTON FITNESS™ offers an endless variety of program options. We have a variety of Fitness Programs to meet your specific needs. The Workout for Your Wedding Program can easily be tailored for both men and women. Our number one goal is getting you looking healthy and fit when your front and center stage. Primed to begin a new chapter of your life with a new attitude; THURSTON FITNESS wants to be a part of your wedding journey. So if you have only a month or a year to prepare for that special day, we will get you looking great.

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