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Workout with a personal trainer

Workout with a fitness trainer

Reasons Why Working Out with a Trainer Beats Home Work Outs Any Day (not to brag)

Oftentimes we hear potential clients telling us that home workouts are not only more affordable, but just as effective as workouts with personal trainers. Home workout programs like “Insanity” or “Zumba Fitness” are gaining in popularity, and the results are right there on the box—everyone looks really toned and happy, and they didn’t get those results in the gym or with their own personal trainer.
Yet, what most people don’t realize is that those work from home DVD’s are based around advertising that do not show typical results. If someone is in need of a lifestyle change, it is the rare person who can fully achieve that with simply a work at home.
Here are some reasons to consider:

  1. Everyone needs a coach, even professional athletes

    Tiger Woods has a coach. Kobe Bryant has a coach. Even athletes with tremendous determination and skill need correction and advice from experts in their fields. Even if you have a lot of knowledge about fitness, or work at home DVDs, you would still benefit from having a personal trainer who can use industry knowledge and experience to help you obtain your goals. A DVD cannot prevent you from having an injury with bad form, or walk you through customized meal plans if you have an allergy or dietary issue. Tough workouts like P90X can get results, but they are also known to cause injuries. This is why it is important to consult with fitness professionals like personal trainers who can prevent this type of issue.  If the best in the world need coaching, it’s safe to assume you do also.

  2. There are fewer distractions at the gym

    At home, there is always something to be done. Be it a load of laundry, the dogs needing to go out, or a child who wants your attention, being at home instead of at the gym can be extremely distracting. There might be a cute girl or guy that catches your attention at the gym, but this is minimal compared to the multitude of distractions that can sidetrack your progress at home. In the gym there are just the weights and machines that need your attention—and the results from that single minded focus. In addition, you have the guidance of a fitness professional to make sure that you are sticking to your workout and not stopping to take an “important” phone call from your best friend.

  3. Investing more money + time = better results

    Not only do you spend more money on a fitness regime with a personal trainer, but you also spend more time in the gym. Putting on your workout clothes, driving (or using your own two legs) to get there, maybe chatting with your fellow gym rats, and of course the higher intensity, tailored workouts and training sessions. This monetary and time based investment leads to a more serious commitment to your fitness. Investing money in a personal trainer is investing in your future—a healthier you will lead to a happier you, and you have a much higher chance of getting healthy when you invest in more than just a workout-from-home DVD.

  4. Being around like minded people builds more than just your body

    At Thurston Fitness, not only do you get one-on-one personal training, but you also participate in group classes. Many friendships have been started in our classes, and our members help and encourage each other to meet their fitness and health goals.  Being in a gym around others can build up your motivation as well because you will see fit and toned people who have gotten that look through consistent exercise and commitment as well as people who are just getting started on a fitness journey with you. Human beings are social creatures, and it is easier to keep good habits when spending time with like-minded people that you can meet at the gym. Not only can you motivate each other in the gym during a workout, you can encourage each other to eat better food when out at restaurants and participate in healthy activities together. These types of positive relationships are often started in the gym, and are an important missing element when working out at home.

Don’t get us wrong…exercise for health is always a positive thing. However, losing weight or getting the ideal body does not come without a complete lifestyle change. The type of change that lasts for the rest of your life—not yo-yoing weight gains and losses, or using temporary short cuts like thermal burners and juice diets, can only be achieved with replacing bad habits with good ones. This type of change takes time, and for the majority of people, it can only be achieved by leaving the house and utilizing a fitness professional to help guide you down the path of proper nutrition and exercise. If you are looking to make this type of change, put aside the workout from home DVDs, and try a session on the house at Thurston Fitness. We promise we can change your life in a way that no home workout can.