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Moving Location

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Seth Thurston Buys Phoenix Property

In case you haven’t heard, starting Monday December 12th, TPT will be located at 3624 E. Bell Road Suite A. (At the bottom is a picture of the two entrances to access the property depending on the direction you are coming from.)
The renovation is 98% complete so we are excited to show it to all of you! As we plan on making this a premier fitness destination, there are many improvements that will be coming in phases.

Featuring New Amenities

**The Shower Room – For those of you who travel to workout with us in the early morning we appreciate your loyalty and wanted to make your morning routine a LOT easier!
**New Body Scan Room – To make it easier to get body scans we separated the main office and gave the 3D Scanning it’s own room so we can regularly track your results!
**The Recovery Room – Part of making the TPT Concept a premier destination, the recovery room will be hosting many different services to help you get faster results and faster recovery from your workouts. The room will feature three types of services: Relaxing Recovery Massages, Recovery Stretch, and Pain Recovery. 
In Addition to relaxing recovery services! Starting in Mid-January will be physical therapy services. More info that when finalized.

Soon to come

TPT is located on property that is a little over an acre. Because of the land available in the near future we will be adding outside turf, outside lounge, and possibly obstacle course. This is in very early planning so stay turned as details are finalized!


Stay Alert (Earn $1,000)

The property is only half full. To the east of TPT there is 1800 square feet available. The owners are offering $1,000 commission to anyone that brings a tenant who commits to a lease the remaining space available.


Below is the entrance plan

Thurston Personal Training North Phoenix