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Using Weight Training For Injury Prevention Purposes

One of the most devastating times for anyone who enjoys leading an active lifestyle is when injury strikes. You’re going about your chosen activity, loving every minute of it, and suddenly, injury strikes and you’re sidelined.

Frustration sets in, possibly a bit of anger that this is happening to you, and you may even feel some anxiety about what this means for your ability to keep active in the coming weeks ahead.

Taking some smart injury prevention strategies is one of the best ways that you can avoid this scenario entirely prevention is always superior to treatment.

One of the best injury prevention strategies that far too often goes overlooked in many people’s program is weight training.

Let’s look at how weight training can help you stay injury free.

Keeps Your Ligaments And Tendons Strongweights training for injury prevention

The first main reason why weight training can help you stay injury free in the future is because it’ll not only help to
strengthen the muscles in the body, but also the ligaments and tendons connecting them to your bones.

Often it’s these ligaments and tendons that become injured when you all of a sudden move in an improper path of motion and get torn or strained.

The stronger they are, the more protection you’ll have regardless of what type of activity you’re doing.

Enhances Your Range Of Motion

Second, another big benefit that weight training offers is that it will help to enhance your range of motion. Proper weight training exercises can improve your overall flexibly and ability to move throughout a larger movement pattern, increasing your strength level at all points of the movement as well.

If you perform some smart flexibility training as part of your weight lifting workout routine, you’ll take these benefits one step further.

Being inflexible is a larger problem that far too many people experience, especially as they get older, so working hard to overcome this is important.

Improves Balance And Agility

Finally, the last reason why weight training can help to reduce the risk that you become injured as you go about your workout program is because it’s going to help to improve your balance and agility as well.

If you’re very much into team sports or any other activities that have you changing direction constantly as you go about them, you’ll naturally be at a higher risk of injury.

All it takes with these is one wrong move and you will find yourself in significant pain as you’ve twisted an ankle, strained a hip flexor, or dislocated your shoulder (depending on the nature of the activity and whether contact is allowed).

By improving your balance and agility through weight lifting activities, you’ll maintain better control over your body and the path of movement you’re taking as you do these activities, therefore decrease your risk of injury.

So don’t overlook the power that a good weight lifting workout program has on keeping you injury-free in the future. Do three sessions per week and you will see remarkable benefits for yourself.