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What To Know About Weight Training For Kids

If you’ve been getting more active recently and have started on your very own strength training program, you might also be considering at this point whether your kids should get involved as well.

If you have young males at home, they may even be requesting to get going as more and more males are growing interested in developing a muscular body at a younger age.

But, should your kids start weight lifting – is it safe for them at this point? As a parent, there are a number of questions running through your mind.

Let’s look at what you need to know about weight training for kids.

The Benefits Weight Training Provides weight training for kids

There are many benefits that improving your child’s strength can offer. First and foremost, it can help with their athletic ability. At this point in their lives you definitely want to be encouraging them to take up some form of team sport or activity so that they get hooked on physical activity.

Now is the time when active lifestyle habits are formed, so you want to encourage as much activity as you can. If they are stronger and performing better, they’ll naturally enjoy their activities more and be that much more likely to keep at them.

Additionally, a good strength training program can improve their speed and power, along with balance and agility, which can go a long way towards keeping injuries at bay.

Will It Impact Growth?

One of the burning questions most parents have with regards to weight lifting and their kids however is whether or not the weight lifting will damage their growth pates.

The answer is it can, if performed improperly.  The key point to remember is at this young age, doing too much too soon is extremely detrimental.  Your kids should be focusing on doing body weight exercises only or using very light weight only after they have mastered proper form.

Also keep in mind that good nutrition will be key to success as well. As strength training is going to increase the energy demands for your child’s body, if they are not getting enough calorie support along with proper nutrients, this can hinder the natural growth process that occurs as well.

Calorie support is required for growing taller and larger, so without that additional energy, they are going to run into problems.

Safety Concerns To Know

Finally, as you go about getting your kids involved with weight training, be sure to take safety precautions. Always set them up with a good personal trainer who can assist them with learning proper form. If they develop poor form habits now, they are only setting themselves up for injuries down the road.

Also, they should be fully capable of performing a number of bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, squats, and lunges before thinking about adding any weight.

Get them used to strength training first before they venture into any form of weight training program.

If done properly, a good strength training workout can really enhance your child’s health and fitness level. You just need to be smart in your approach to it.  Come see me to learn how to get started correctly.