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Diet vs. Making A Lifestyle Change

how to lose weight by changing your lifestyle or diet

Do you think dieting is the easiest and quickest way to lose weight? Have you ever stayed on a bare minimum food for a prolonged period, expecting to scale down your weight within a few days?

If yes, be aware; you could be harming your body. By going without food or by eating in a very limited amount, you could be depriving your body of the basic nutrients it requires to stay healthy.

So what’s the right approach to lose weight?

‘Forget about being skinny. Eat well and exercise. The weight will take care of itself.’: Anonymous

This quote clearly states that you should focus more on making permanent lifestyle changes instead of choosing short-term goals. Here is a brief explanation of why you must prefer changing your lifestyle instead of simply trying to cut calories.

Dieting gives you short-term results, whereas an improved lifestyle has lifelong benefits

That’s right. By cutting down calories drastically for some time, you may be able to shed those extra pounds, but be aware; you have high chances of gaining weight once your dieting is over. You will start craving for food that you have avoided for long. If you fail to overcome the food cravings, you will again put on weight.
The correct way is that you should change your lifestyle permanently and start eating food that matters to your body. You don’t have to restrict calories; you just have to make healthy food choices. This is more difficult than dieting, but the results are permanent.

Dieting focuses on weight loss, whereas lifestyle changes focuses on being healthy

Only losing weight isn’t enough. Losing weight in the right way can make a lot of difference in the results you achieve. Dieting helps you burn more calories than you eat, thereby losing weight, whereas lifestyle changes help you stay healthy and look young as well. When you eat a balanced diet, include exercising in your daily routine, and give up bad habits, you are more likely to avoid diseases that can affect your life. When you will be healthy, you will be happy, and will be able to motivate your family and friends to change their lifestyle as well.

Dieting is a temporary sacrifice; lifestyle changes are healthy habits

When you stop eating junk food out of compulsion, you will get more tempted to cheat. You may someday find an excuse or maybe you will eat them more after your dieting is over. However, if you take a resolution to eat only those foods that really matters to your body, you will be happy to avoid the unhealthy choices. Slowly you will get into the habit of healthy eating and will never have cravings for junk food. Developing a new habit, especially the habit of eating healthy, is very difficult. However, if you stay determined, you will be able to achieve your goals happily. This determination is also a part of a positive lifestyle.

Dieticians and fitness professionals across the globe suggest that you should improve your lifestyle in order to stay healthy, instead of just focusing on overcoming obesity. In fact, obesity itself is the result of a bad lifestyle. Instead of just squeezing your buns, consult your personal trainer today to find out the changes that you need to make in order to stay healthy and stay happy.

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