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How to get Sexy Legs and Thighs (how to shape your quads)

sexy-legs-thigs-and-buttHow to get sexy legs and shape your FRONT Thighs just the way you want them (I will address rear next)

When working out your quads it’s not enough to just do squats and leg extension. You will over train your quads and have a muscle imbalance which leads to oddly shaped thighs. Make sure to look in the mirror to see what you are missing and modify your routine to strengthen inner quad (Vastus Medialis, often called the “tierdrop”), outer quad (Vastus Lateralis), upper quads (Rectus Femoris/Vastus intermedius). Runners knee is caused by over development of Intermedius, and under development of Medialis, so before you just quad-muscles-diagramstart working out put some researched behind your routine.

If you need help with some examples of how to isolate your outer and innter thighs post on facebook here and I will help you!

Quad (Thigh) Muscles Diagram:

Vastus Medialis
Vastus Lateralis

Rectus Femoris
Vastus Intermedius