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Find The Best Personal Trainer In Phoenix And Scottsdale

How to find a personal trainer, fitness program and environment that gets you results while making you feel comfortable, at home, and lets not forget to have fun some too!

It’s tough to find the right gym, trainer, program but it’s important for your long term success to find a good fit.

I’m going to layout 3 options you need to know about and make it easy for you to decide what type of program and atmosphere will motivate and get you the best results!

You have a few options when looking for fitness program that will help guide you to your goal (get you results), customize your program, keep you accountable and motivated along the way.  Finding the right program really depends on your goals, what you are looking to accomplish, and what gets you or more importantly KEEPS you motivated along the way.

“Even professional athletes hire trainers”

You don’t have to do this alone! Even the best athletes and celebrities hire trainers, and they have been training and working out their entire life. They not only seek out the knowledge and expertise of a trainer but lets not forget even the best needs a push from time to time.

Personal Training

Personal training offers the most customized program as it is just you by yourself with your trainer! It can be really motivating as you have to set an appointment and commit to going to your trainer.

During the workout they are constantly watching to make sure you are doing everything correctly, safely, fixing your form, and not skipping your reps 🙂 On top of this they are pushing you where you need to be pushed or modifying something that you are not exactly ready for. Now this is motivating for some but for others it’s just a little to much attention!

Not all trainers are made equal so finding the right personality, skill level, knowledge, and experience is crucial in your success because you will be spending a lot of time with them! It helps to examine what they have helped their clients achieved by looking at their portfolio of before/after pictures as well as what the trainer looks like or has achieved.

This team of personal trainers is the best in phoenix because quality, expertise, and the success of them and their clients is what defines them.

List of The Best Personal Trainers:

  • Seth Thurston
  • Stephen Thompson
  • Aaron Kint
  • Brianna Holm
  • Alaina Griffith
  • Steven Quagliano
  • Daren Parks
  • Denise Young

Small Group Training

Small Group Training for some is a step up. It is more affordable version of personal training so allows some to workout more often and in their eyes delivers the same or more value.

You actually get more accountability, and motivation.

Working with other people is a great way to stay motivated and accountable. You get the same accountability and attention from your group trainer, and in addition encouragement and camaraderie from your workout group! For some people this really drives them and keeps them motivated knowing that other members and their trainer will be wondering where they were if they skip a session.

Now that’s team work!

Beware, not all Group Training programs are created equal. Make sure to do an evaluation to see if it is a good fit for you and see what all you get. It helps to also look at the portfolio of the program, and know who will be training you. We use the same personal trainers for our groups to ensure high level of skill and knowledge.

Online Personal Training

If you are not local or it is hard for you to find time in your schedule to see a trainer or make a class. Online training might be for you.

Online Personal Training doesn’t have as much in person time but you still get all the same accountability, questions answered, and high level of program design through phone calls, texting, and email.

For some this works perfectly, but for some they need a little more hands on.

Hopefully this helped you think a little bit about the pro’s and con’s of each program type and help you decide what program type is good for you.

It is hard to read everything about each program and is always better to visit in person to get a feel or to try out a program. You might start with personal training because you are a nervous about being in a group, but as your knowledge and abilities improve and you are more comfortable with exercising, switch to Group Training.

The cost can be a factor. Maybe you just want the best! Or you are looking for a more affordable personal training option. Make sure you explore all your options.

It’s all up to you, but don’t wait to long. Until you do your first workout you haven’t made your goals into an action.

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” ~Confucius

One of our fitness professionals can meet with you for a complimentary consultation to talk with you in detail and help make you a recommendation based on your goals. Contact us here