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12 News – How to get a Swimmers Body

12news-seth-thurston-personal-trainerA question you might be asking is “Do I need to win 22 Olympic medals to look like Michael Phelps?”

It’s a good thing the answer to that is NO!

In order to get a swimmers body you need to have lean muscular symmetry. Which means strong legs, core, and upper body to glide you smoothly and swiftly through the water, and look good when you’re at the beach!

Here are three exercises you can do to achieve a swimmers body for the summer!
Squat, Press – This going to your entire lower body, core and upper body at the same time. Full Body Crunches – This isolates your lower core, and upper core.
Lateral Raises, Then To Front – Swimmers have strong good looking shoulders

Now swimmers eat a lot a food, at one point Michael Phelps diet consisted of 10,000 calories. I do not recommend eating like a swimmer to get a swimmers body! Unless of course you are exercises A LOT. You do however need to eat very clean, and strategically.

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