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Make a difference

semi-private-group-training-workoutEach group workout is customized for the students goals in the group along with their nutritional advice. All the tools you need to be successful and learn are provided all you have to do is come!


“As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person.” ~Paul Shane Spear

Health – making a difference in THE PEOPLE

Eco friendly treadmills – making a difference in the environment
Recycled rubber floors
Chemicle free cleanig using Doterra

Support rescue animals – making a difference to mans best friend

Support college tuition of miss girls – making a difference to the local community

The benefits of a social workout atmosphere provide results combined with our expertise will not only get you results but teach you how to maintain them. We are teachers, everyday you will learn something new. Contact us for a free fitness assessment to talk about your goals and try a class free!

Body Sculpting
This class is designed for those who are trying to gain a little muscle to shape your body, and lose body fat giving you the “toned” look.

High Intensity Circuit Conditioning
Looking to burn body fat and get lean athletic look then this is for you. A step above body sculpting this class offers more advanced movements, face pace, more intense atmosphere.

Heavy Weight Training
This class is for those who have advanced form, technique and are looking to gain muscle mass at all costs.

Olympic Lifting
This class teaches and uses lots of compound movements, olympic lifts and techniques. Not for beginners.

Obstacle Course Training
This class is designed to develop function strength and movement. Using different movements and exercises to increase biomotor skills coordination, flexibility, speed, and strength.

At Thurston Personal Training Phoenix Arizona, we offer Men’s fitness program, women’s fitness program, complete body makeover fitness training, Competitive fitness training, Athletic training, Nutritional coaching plus many more services. For more information, speak to our qualified personal trainers who are fully dedicated to help you achieve your fitness goals.

At Thurston Personal Training, we care about your fitness results and work hard to help you achieve that. Call Us at: (623) 980-3485