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Seth Thurston Personal Trainer Live on AZ Central

Watch the video to see Personal Trainer Seth Thurston on live TV as he explains how to get a body like Hercules.

#TeamHercules workout program lays out the whole program from the 5 day workout split to the complete meal plan Dwayne Johnson follows to get his body at his peak for the movie.

Here are 5 questions you might have about the workout program answered by Seth.

1) How often does someone have to work out to achieve a Hercules-like body?
“If you follow the #TeamHercules workout program. Which is a 5 day split and diet similar to what Dwayne Johnson ate but modified for your body weight, you could start to see changes in your body in less then three months. Now you won’t achieve the size and mass that Dwayne Johnson HAS because he has been working out consistently for years. What the workout and eating program did for him was build lean muscle and lose fat to tighten his body up so he was at the peak for this movie.

2) Why is it important to work out each body part only once, like the #TeamHercules program suggests?
“Your muscles don’t grow in the gym. If you’re trying to get bigger and really put on mass like the physique of Dwayne Johnson in Hercules then it’s extremely important to work each body part out really hard then let it rest so it can fully recover to prevent overtraining. Overtraining means that an individual’s exercise exceeds their recovery capacity where you actually cease making progress. The #TeamHurcules workout allows you to target all the muscles in your body to create balance, proportion, and avoid overtraining.

3) What is a good balance when it comes to doing both weight lifting and cardio during a workout?
“The balance of weight lifting and cardio really just depends on an individual’s goal and body type. You want to be very careful not to do too much cardio because then you might overtrain and put your body into a catabolic state. A catabolic state means the breaking down of muscle tissue. I would suggest starting with the 5 day workout routine and the meal plan first, then add additional cardio days if you’re not seeing the definition that you are looking for. Dwayne did cardio before each workout, but he is already a highly trained athlete.”

4) What role does nutrition play when trying to obtain a Hercules-like body?
“Nutrition is really important when trying to build muscle mass or lose body. You can work as hard as you want, but if you not eating the right things, at the right time you won’t see the results you are looking for. In order to build muscle you need to feed your body exactly what it needs throughout the day, and directly after your workout to optimize all the hard work in the gym that you are doing. If you don’t eat enough food you won’t build muscle or have the energy to train but if you eat too much you won’t lose body fat to create definition. It just goes to show you how important diet is because Dwayne followed the diet for 22 weeks.”

5) How does someone stay motivated to stick with this type of workout and meal plan long enough to see results?
“There are so many things you can do to stay motivated but I’m going to give possibly the three of the most important things to do to achieve any goal. 1. Write down your goals and tell people – The more people more accountability, support / guilty 2. Measure progress – As you see yourself getting closer to your goal it keeps you motivated 3. Hire a trainer – A trainer will motivate and push you, make sure you’re doing things correctly, and keep you safe from injury. Make sure doing everything to get results.”

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