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Bridge The Gap To Fitness Goals (Hint: You Need The “X Factor”)

If there was a key that you could turn and BOOM it gave you the ability to be a great speaker, who would want that key? Turn the key and INSTANTLY have a flat stomach, maybe even six pack abs?

…Run a marathon? Hike the Grand Canyon, Ski down Vail Colorado?

I’m a personal trainer. And through my journey of life, business, and helping thousands of clients reach their fitness and fat loss goals I’ve discovered the X Factor that will bridge the gap from where someone is to their end goal. Everyone has the ability to bridge the gap with this X Factor but you need a special key to unlock it.

We all have the ability to harness the X Factor and bridge the gap to our goals but it needs to be unlocked with a special key made of two elements.

First what is the X Factor?

Well Tony Robbins says achieving success follows the ability to take “massive action”.

How do you become an effective speaker? One speech at a time.

Do you agree?

How do you lose weight? One pound at a time.


How do you become fit? One workout at a time.

I think Tony is right. Achieving your goals follows the ability to take massive action with passion and intensity. Accomplishing the tasks and taking the steps required by that goal. The bigger the goal the more focused and persistent you need to be.

As long as you stay on the path to your goal. That doesn’t mean there won’t be obstacles to go around or hurdles to go over.

What good does it do if you want build strength but you only do cardio? None right…

Don’t you agree that before you can set a goal with a time frame, you would need to know exactly what tasks would be required and how big your action steps need to be?

So how do you gain the knowledge to know what level of commitment and exactly what action steps, in what direction will lead you to your goal?

Knowledge is power… so I’ll tell you how to gain the knowledge in just a minute.

For now let’s pretend you’re crystal clear on exactly what you need to do.

Have you ever set a goal and then lost motivation and quit, or put it on the back burner?

It’s like pushing a car up a hill. You push and sweat, dig your feet in the ground, and give it everything you have. You’re getting sunburned like crazy because it’s Arizona and it’s 120 outside. And right before you reach the part where the car will go down the other side by itself… You give up.

Sometimes you quit because you lost motivation. But way to many times it’s because you DIDN’T know you were almost there because no was there to tell you.

All you needed was GPS… and you would have known.

You just needed someone in your corner inspiring, motivating, telling you you’re almost there and sometimes just keeping you accountable to what you said you were going to do.

Through my years of training I discovered something powerful…

The more I taught and educated clients the more they knowledge they had. And what was mind-blowing was that the more accountability I gave clients, the more they acted on the knowledge I gave them and the better results they got.

Accountability is like having your best friend watching your back at all times.

When I learn something that I feel requires action I tell someone my idea or make a promise to my mentor, staff, or even customers. When I tell people what I’m going to do it lights a fire and keeps my accountable to get it done.

Now the X Factor is NOT Willpower.

Willpower is like the tides of the ocean. It go up and down controlled by an outside force.

The X Factor is a higher level of Motivation that is controlled by your key of knowledge and accountability.

They were my Key to unlocking motivation when I had no willpower.

Find a mentor or partner that can keep you accountable through your journey.

Don’t wait:

  1. Find a teacher to educate you
  2. Get mentor to hold you accountable

Those two steps will unlock Motivation and help you take massive action toward your goal. It may not bridge the gap overnight, but they will get you there a lot faster.

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