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Inside Tour of TPT

See inside the training grounds of Thurston Personal Training where transformation takes place. Starting with the front area where our culinary chef delivers pre cooked and portioned out food exact to your meal plan. The office is where we meet with you 1 on 1 to discuss goals, set up a plan to meet those goals, track progress and set them. Training Grounds, this is where results occur! Feel free to stop by or call (623) 980-3485 to setup a consultation with a fitness trainer. Our Studio is located in North Phoenix 3510 East Bell Rd 85032. Near 85050.

Lower Back, Glute, Hips, Hamgstring Stretch Routine

Seth Thurston (Master Personal Trainer here from Thurston Personal Training and ICardio Fitness (Thurston Fitness).

Today I’m going to show you some awesome stretches for lower back pain, leg pain, flexibility in the hamgstrings, glutes and lower back. This will also help with injury prevention, the more flexible you are the less chance of a strained muscle or tendon.

The reason it’s important to stretch your legs and increase flexibility is because the flexibility of your hips and legs affect the flexibility in your back. The tighter you are the more chance an injury will occur. Lets get started!

I’m going to be using a towel but if you have a stretching rope that is even better, but for a quick stretch a towel will do just nicely. I’m going to show you each exercise one at a time, then I want you to do two more rounds for a total of three to complete the routine. This should take about 15-20 minutes do not rush the stretches or you won’t get the full benfits.

1. Laying Towel Hamgstring

2. Towel Leg Accross Body Glute

3. Towel Groin Stretch

4. Butterfly

5. Lower back twist

6. Hip Mobility

7. Advanced Glute Stretch

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How To Do A Leg Lift

In today’s video personal trainer Seth Thurston will go through the technique of how to do a leg lift. Now you may think that a leg lift is a basic exercise and how could you get abs or burn body fat from something so simple. Well the secret is not the exercise but doing the exercise correctly and getting the most out of it. He will demonstrate several variations of a leg lift so that you can change up your workouts so that your body does not plateau. If you want workout information on how to get a six packs, please subscribe.

This video goes through 5 different variations of a leg lift and demonstrates how to do each one.

2 – Single Leg Lift

– This is a great exercise for someone starting out that has a weak core and it hurts their back to go straight into a double leg lift. I recommend starting with this exercise till you strengthen your core and you are ready to move on to the next exercise without hurting your back.

2 – Floor Double Leg Lift

– This is a great core exercise that puts a lot of pressure on your upper, lower, and side abs at the same time. It’s a little harder on your back so if you feel a lot of paint in your lower back, go back to the first variation.

3 – Floor Leg Lift with Weight

– This is a way to increase the load and intensity of your ab workouts by adding weight to the exercise that way you don’t have to do tons and tons of reps to get the same hypertrophy effect.

4 – Leg Lift and Thrust

– This continues to work even more muscles then the first exercise because you are controlling your core to not only lift your legs up, but then lift your whole torso up as well. This is more advanced so only try this once you master the leg lift.

4. B – Leg Lift and Thrust with Weight

– Again if you want to make this harder, put a weight between your feet.

5 – Hanging Leg Lift

– This is the hardest of them all because your upper body has to support you the whole time you are doing the exercise. You not only have to use your legs to lift your weight up, but your core is under more stress because it has to stabilize your body and stop you from swinging at the same time.

5. B – If you would like to make this even harder, instead of stopping at parallel, bring your feet all the way up to your head or add a weight between your feet.

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How to Find a Personal Trainer

Hi my name is SethThurston I’m a personal trainer and owner of Thurston Personal Training private training studio. I just want to talk with you a little bit about how to hire a personal trainer. There is a lot of things you want to look at before you make a decision because it’s a big investment, a great investment however.

Experience is extremely substantial when hiring a trainer. Is the trainer qualified to help you reach your goals. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. How many clients has the trainer helped reach their goals that are similar to what you are trying to accomplish. Is the atmosphere conducive to a workout environment, is it motivating is it inspiring, do you feel comfortable being at the gym. You want your trainer to motivate you, ask him what tactics he will use to motivate you. Number one he shouldn’t look like he needs a trainer himself. He should be motivating to you to look at.

Ask what motivational tactics he will be using to help you and keep you on track, or what motivational tactics he has used on previous clients that has worked for them reach their goals. Your trainer should have a base level of knowledge on nutrition. If you are trying to build muscle or lose body fat your body needs certain nutrition to optimize what you are getting out of your training and workouts. He needs to know what they are that you need and how to implement them into your schedule and lifestyle. Meet with few different trainers to see if you like them, and you can work with them in the future.

Ask what his availability, will he be flexibly with your schedule, does the time slot work with your schedule so that you can be consistent and be successful. Ask about prices. You want to find a trainer that fits everything you want and fits in your budget. You want it to fit in your budget so you can stick with it long enough to reach your goals. When looking for a fitness program you have a couple different options you want to look at. Personal training is great, you get a 1 on 1 customized program. Everything is based on your needs.

The program starts where you should start at and progresses as you should and as you are comfortable. You also get a little more attention/motivation/accountability from your trainer. Another option is group fitness training. This is a great option because you not only get support, motivation from your trainer but from other people in the group. The comradery helps inspire you and provides a little healthy competition so everyone pushes themselves. https://www.trainerarizona.com

How to Build Sexy Legs

Seth Thurston Master Personal Trainer and NPC Mens Physique competitor shows you how to build strong legs. Building nice athletic legs takes an X-Factor that you can only get at Thurston Personal Training. That X-Factor is called Intensity.

Building legs is not just about working out, but about working out in such a way that you create a proportionate leg muscles. Someone that looks at your legs should see great shape, no lagging body part, or flat area. Come to Thurston Personal Training to experience what it takes. We offer a free trial workout every Saturday at 11:00 AM.

Athletic Performance Training

Athletic Performance & Injury Prevention – Hip Mobility

The hip mobility and strength are two of the most important aspects when it comes to the body and its performance.

Athletes need to be able to load and explode from an athletic stance in all planes of movement; this results in the athlete being the quickest and most agile.

Lacking hip flexion, extension, internal, and external rotation prevents the athlete from postioning into explosive loading situations through the hips.

This results in performing through compensation, and compensation eventually becomes injuries, not to mention lack of performance.

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