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In today’s video personal trainer Seth Thurston will go through the technique of how to do a leg lift. Now you may think that a leg lift is a basic exercise and how could you get abs or burn body fat from something so simple. Well the secret is not the exercise but doing the exercise correctly and getting the most out of it. He will demonstrate several variations of a leg lift so that you can change up your workouts so that your body does not plateau. If you workout information on how to get a sick pack please subscribe.

This video goes through 5 different variations of a leg lift and demonstrates how to do each one.

1. Single Leg Lift

– This is a great exercise for someone starting out that has a weak core and it hurts their back to go straight into a double leg lift. I recommend starting with this exercise till you strengthen your core and you are ready to move on to the next exercise without hurting your back.

2. Floor Double Leg Lift

– This is a great core exercise that puts a lot of pressure on your upper, lower, and side abs at the same time. It’s a little harder on your back so if you feel a lot of paint in your lower back, go back to the first variation.

3. Floor Leg Lift with Weight

– This is a way to increase the load and intensity of your ab workouts by adding weight to the exercise that way you don’t have to do tons and tons of reps to get the same hypertrophy effect.

4. Leg Lift and Thrust

– This continues to work even more muscles then the first exercise because you are controlling your core to not only lift your legs up, but then lift your whole torso up as well. This is more advanced so only try this once you master the leg lift.

4. B -Leg Lift and Thrust with Weight

– Again if you want to make this harder, put a weight between your feet.

5.Hanging Leg Lift

– This is the hardest of them all because your upper body has to support you the whole time you are doing the exercise. You not only have to use your legs to lift your weight up, but your core is under more stress because it has to stabilize your body and stop you from swinging at the same time.

5. B – If you would like to make this even harder, instead of stopping at parallel, bring your feet all the way up to your head or add a weight between your feet.

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