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Seth Thurston (Master Personal Trainer here from Thurston Personal Training and ICardio Fitness (Thurston Fitness).

Today I’m going to show you some awesome stretches for lower back pain, leg pain, flexibility in the hamgstrings, glutes and lower back. This will also help with injury prevention, the more flexible you are the less chance of a strained muscle or tendon.

The reason it’s important to stretch your legs and increase flexibility is because the flexibility of your hips and legs affect the flexibility in your back. The tighter you are the more chance an injury will occor. Lets get started!

I’m going to be using a towel but if you have a stretching rope that is even better, but for a quick stretch a towel will do just nicely. I’m going to show you each exercise one at a time, then I want you to do two more rounds for a total of three to complete the routine. This should take about 15-20 minutes do not rush the stretches or you won’t get the full benfits.

1. Laying Towel Hamgstring

2. Towel Leg Accross Body Glute

3. Towel Groin Stretch

4. Butterfly

5. Lower back twist

6. Hip Mobility

7. Advanced Glute Stretch

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