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Grow Your Chest

best-chest-workout1Workout that forces your chest to grow

This workout is for anyone looking to get stronger and grow your chest. This workout is for those who call themselves “hard gainers”, “ectomorphs”. Don’t give up hope yet till you try this workout. If done correctly with intensity you will get results gaurenteed. Now of course you still have to give you body proper nutrition, sleep, and make sure you are not over training. All of those things will determine if you grow or stay the same. Enough talking…

Here is the workout:

Incline Barbell Bench Press
2 Warm Up Sets then start:
4 Sets
10 Reps
8 Reps
6 Reps
6 Reps

100 Pushups

Flat Barbell Bench Press
4 Sets
10 Reps
8 Reps
6 Reps
6 Reps

100 Decline Pushups

Decline Bench Press
4 Sets
10 Reps
8 Reps
6 Reps
6 Reps

• Make sure you are choosing a weight that you can ONLY do the specified number of times. The last set you should hit failure.

• Breaks: 30/60 second breaks between sets.
• This workout shouldn’t take you longer then 1 hour.
• The pushups are done as many as you can at a time, resting only when you hit failure

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10 Sets of Olympic Deadlift
















Strong is not lifting something heavy.

Strong is feeling weak, light headed, muscles fatigued, dehydrated, hungry and lifting something heavy 20 more times.


10 sets x 10 Deadlift @ 225


1 set x 20 Deadlift @ 135

Good luck!

Lean and Toned Workout











10 push ups
20 benck dips
30 bicep curls with 30lbs
40 second planks
50 tummy tucks (knees to chest alternating)
40 second plank
30 bicep curls with 30lbs
20 dips
10 pushups

then 30 minutes on the stair master and have a great day!

Workout with the best

Time to get shredded

20 Burpee-Pushups Pullups
10 Tricep Pushdowns 140lb
20 Kettlebell Swings 62lbs
10 Thursters 110lbs

5 Rounds

Time goal: 36 minutes

This workout is for time. You get 1 minute breaks between each round (The breaks count in your total workout time)

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